Our Services

In reaction of globalization and liberalization of trade as well as to adopt the privatization policy and to encourage direct foreign investment in Kuwait, the business opportunity are expanding rapidly. In the course of these changes and developments, Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm has established a separate International Division to deal with international clients. This division comprises Lawyers and Consultants who are fluent in English, Arabic, Hindi& Urdu and have broad expertise in dealing with International Agencies. International Division has represented many clients in preparing and concluding various foreign business and corporate contracts. In the course of business relations being developed between Kuwait and international community, International Division has established good relations with reputed Law Firms of USA, Europe and other parts of the world to work in association and these strong ties allow us to accommodate the legal needs of our international clients. International Division has established the highest quality legal services in order to accomplish the following task:

  • To provide counseling on all kind of legal issues, rules and regulations, and to provide all legal consultancies and judicial assistance, arising from any kind of lawsuits.
  • To analysis violations and file cases against the culprits for appropriate actions and penalties.
  • To undertake all sorts of reviewing, drafting and revising of contracts or agreements and other legal documents with the knowledge of local and international legislations pertaining to client’s business activities.
  • To draft and prepare corporate documents for the establishment of a company such as Memorandum of Associations/Understandings, Articles of Association/Understanding and to help for establishing local and foreign companies.
  • To prepare defense pleadings for various type of cases resulting from various activities,
  • To represent client or organization to any concerned authority, ministry, police station and at all Kuwaiti Courts or in any kind of legal proceedings, arising out of any issue.
  • To represent in any local and foreign claims, recovering or collection of all dues or debts etc.
  • To use all methods to protect the client’s interests, rights, obligations and to anticipate and guard against legal risks.
  • To provide up to-date information about the cases and work to be done by expert and rich experienced consultants.
  • To lead the parties in Arbitration, to play the role of the intermediaries in all disputed matters before referring matters to the court.
  • Advising and handling all matters relating to intellectual property rights and litigations on relevant issues including registration of local and foreign trademarks.
  • Handling all international cases& disputes for foreign clients and to assist them in implementing their obligations in Kuwait and Gulf region.