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The new Labor Law of Kuwait, recently passed by the Kuwaiti Govt., the foreign workers also have been allowed like Kuwaiti nationals the right to join and to establish unions and right to strike peacefully for their rights. The general working conditions are established by the Kuwaiti Labor law for both the public and the private sectors, but the oil industry is treated separately. The work week is limited to forty-eight hours with one day of rest per week and a minimum of thirty(30) days paid vacation annually. The amendment of the minimum wage for the private sectors also has been passed recently.

Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm is handling the cases regarding all kinds of disputes between employer and employee such as workman compensation, termination of employment, equal pay and unfair dismissal and all labor related payment and indemnity etc. We are expert in providing labor and employment related services to local and foreign clients who are establishing business or offices in Kuwait or a particular country of the Gulf region. Our Lawyers also advice to the clients about the local labor law and the law of the country from where the employees were hired. We are also drafting several kind of labor Contracts whether with respect to the Private Sector Labor Law or Civil Service Law and to follow up of any claims or disputes arising thereof.