In 1990 Gulf War the Iraq's mass destruction of oil wells, the huge oil spills caused by the allied air strikes, and the use of heavy tracked vehicles in the desert of both sides triggered an environmental catastrophe, resulting in frequent and storms, the destruction of marine wildlife resulted whole Gulf region in serious environmental damage. So due to this serious environmental damage, our firm chooses Environmental Law practice in Kuwait. We have advised on Environment Law for Industrialization and Manufacturing planning to various Governments and Private sectors in the region and consulting us how to minimize risk and comply with all rules and regulations related to the Environment legislation in Kuwait and GCC countries. As the Government of Kuwait in an effort to attract foreign investment, has passed Law for Foreign Capital Direct Investment in Kuwait in various sectors especially in Industrial and Commercial where before establishing an Industry, it is must to evaluate the legal aspect of environmental condition of the region. Under Environment Law, our services included pollution related issues, waste water and non-consume land matters and disputed planning& development for the industrialization and manufacturing related environmental legal issues etc.