Our Services

Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm has rich experience in finding creative solutions and representing clients who have found themselves involved in disputes in Kuwait and any GCC country. As a leading Arbitrator of the region, we have represented many local and international clients in Corporate & Commercial, Construction & Real Estate, Banking& Finance, Agencies& Franchising, Industrial Projects and Labor related issues. An increasing number of our clients are seeking alternatives to conventional litigation to resolve disputes amicably and Arbitration is such an alternative form to resolve disputes which can be more expeditious and economical and provides more satisfactory result than litigation. We also have been involved and participated in several Arbitration proceedings on behalf our clients locally and internationally. We also have assisted many US, European and other countries law firms in Arbitration proceedings relating to Gulf Countries Arbitration laws. As being a leading Arbitrator of the region, Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm handles all local and international arbitration cases and advise on enforcement procedures in Kuwait as well as in other GCC countries who is also specialist in multi-jurisdictional and large-scale international disputes in the arbitration field under the arbitral rules of the region.