Our Services

Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm has counseled a large number of clients on these issues and our legal experts are fully aware of law relating to Aerospace and Maritime. Our services in this are not limited but included some as: Aviation Finance such as: Aerospace Finance& Aircraft Finance, Leasing Transactions including Islamic Lease, In Agreements we are dealing in Purchase& Sales Agreements& Shipbuilding Agreements. In regard of the Insurance of Aerospace& Maritime, our Firm also is providing insurance related services in Aerospace, Aviation& Marine Insurance, in Claims related matters of the Aerospace& Maritime we are providing all related services in Passengers& Cargo Claims, Collision& Loss Claims, in Accidents our Lawyers are expert in Injury and death accidents& Investigations and our Firm is also specialized in Commercialization& Privatization and legal consultancy on all other related issues of the Aerospace and Maritime. Our Lawyers are also handling civil liabilities matters concerning to the Aerospace& Maritime issues.