Our Services

"Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm, Legal Consultation and Intellectual Property". ranks as one of the largest and leading law firm in the state of Kuwait, we are a globally-oriented full service law firm guided by the principles of quality, creativity and leadership.

We are one of the largest firms of specialized Intellectual property in Kuwait.  Our firm has an extensive experience in the field of intellectual property on IP matters in all aspects, the attorneys composing the IP Practice Group of Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm & Legal Consultation have extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property law, including trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, Domain names, unfair competition, and utility models and designs. We also provide services related to infringement, counterfeiting, opposition, cancellation and appeal actions, Our Firm is one of the most famous IP Firms in Kuwait providing services to both domestic and international clients.

Our multidisciplinary approach in this practice gives us a particular strength in this area of law. Our practice encompasses intellectual property registration, licensing, maintenance, assignment, protection and enforcement. Our attorneys help clients obtain, manage, and protect intellectual property rights in Kuwait and other jurisdictions abroad – in jurisdictions where their products and innovations are likely to be produced, exploited, or counterfeited. We work closely with a network of foreign affiliates to implement and enforce intellectual property protection. Additionally, we advised clients on various international agreements with international organizations such as the WIPO and WTO. We maintain a very effective anti-counterfeiting Division in the state of Kuwait conducting thorough market search by the most proficient researchers, which have proven a track record in handling issues of major multinational brands. Our highly capable litigation department handles all cases related to trademark, with utmost satisfaction of our clients, ranging from the trademark registry level to the court level.

We also offer “Trademark Watch Services” thorough screening of the Official Gazettes throughout the Arabic and Foreign World as well as “Trademark infringement Services” whereby local markets are intensively surveyed for registered and unregistered labels imitating those of the owner. If the comprehensive searches lead to any such offending marks, a detailed report including our suggestion is provided. 

We keep our clients & associates fully updated with changes and new developments on IP matters and changes in the practices of the Trademark Registrars and examination systems as well as new laws or ministerial decisions.  We do represent big industrial companies from different parts of the World.

For decades, the services of Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm & Legal Consultation have been sought by individuals as well as a diverse group of businesses, national and multinational corporations, capitalists, manufacturing industries, and internet ventures. We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of intellectual property law.

We have been entrusted with several jobs which were satisfactory accomplished in a short period of time. Our lawyers have specialized skills in many different areas, as well as the breadth of experience necessary to provide a comprehensive services as follows:-

  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of trademark, Patent, design, domain name & copyright application around the world.
  • Investigations on availability of trademarks for use and registration.
  • Infringement advice and litigation:- Oppositions, Criminal and Civil Suits for infringement and Passing off.
  • Communicating the dangers and costs of fakes.
  • Computer Crimes.
  • Supporting & conducting with enforcement agencies such as Commercial Supervision Department, Customs Department, and Ministry of Information etc.
  • License and assignments.
  • Mediation and arbitration in Trademarks and Intellectual Property issues.
  • Preparing Seminaries for staff, highlighting the importance of Brand, Patent, Design & the need to make sure all parts use them correctly.

Search for Published Trademarks

Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm & Legal Consultations initiated search services for trademarks published in the Official Gazettes in Kuwait. Prior filing an application, we conduct a comprehensive search in order to determine trademarks availability for use and registration and evaluate whether the mark conflicts with a previously existing mark.

At present, due to the computerization process at the Patent & Trademark Department, it's not possible to conduct an official search of trademarks in Kuwait. Hence, we can provide a search depending on our internal database where search result reports are delivered within less than 48 hours.
Trademark Watch Service

Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm & Legal Consultations provides its clients with a Trademark Watch Service whereby local markets are continuously searched for marks imitating those of our clients. In case of any infringing signs, a detailed report including recommendations will be issued.
In the event you wish to take an action, the experienced IP lawyers are there to assist you.

Copyright Prosecution

Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm & Legal Consultations provides counsel on the registration, protection and enforcement of copyright. We provide advice on matters related to the copyright of works and creations and assist clients with agreements for the licensing, sale or purchase of copyright material.
Patent & Design Drafting

Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm & Legal Consultations provides its clients with a professional vision in this aspect; where claims, full description of the invention and drawings are drafted in compliance with the different patent laws in the world. We prepare and prosecute patent and design applications; advise on the patentability of inventions; help clients license, franchise, mortgage or assign their rights; conduct patent searches; handle the payment of maintenance fees; record amendments to a patent and translate patent specifications into local languages as required by national regulations.

Anti-Patent Infringement

Market Watch is actively and continuously conducted to alert us of any kind of infringement; thus guarantying maximum protection for your patents
Domain Name Registration
We offer a full range of domain name services including management, registration, renewals and transfers.

The litigation practice of Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm & Legal Consultations has been one of the cornerstones of the firm’s practice since its founding. Our litigation attorneys handle cases from local litigation to complex international disputes. We have tried cases and brought arguments before the Kuwaiti Supreme Court as well as the regional and federal tribunals across the country. We also handle disputes before administrative and non-judicial bodies from domestic to international forums.  We adhere to our practice to bring the case to the court only after all available remedies have been exhausted, and should a lawsuit be filed, we bring to the case the vast resources of our firm.


Dr. Khaled Al-Yaqout Law Firm & Legal Consultations has substantial experience in conducting field investigations in the markets of our region. This work includes enquiries into suspect internal operations, investigations in support of due diligence projects, and fact-gathering for affirmative claims or litigation. Our array of national and regional contacts with recognized experts and investigators in various fields allows us to call upon outside resources where necessary to ensure that investigations are conducted in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. We strongly believe that the key to a successful anti-piracy policy lies in effective border measures and the proactive support of law enforcement agencies.

We coordinate with private investigators and government enforcement agencies to obtain evidence on infringing use; conduct civil litigation against infringers; work with customs officials to improve border detection; provide technical expertise to consumer advocacy groups to highlight the social costs of counterfeit commerce; assist government enforcement agencies to prosecute and take administrative action against infringers; negotiate with infringers to resolve disputes using alternative dispute resolution techniques.
We advise on and implement strategies for the best solution to your infringement problem, using a wide range of methods from trader education to criminal and civil legal action, including

  1. "Protected brand" education programs - educating traders about what they can and cannot do in the market
  2. Raid actions using administrative and crime authorities, leading to the seizure of counterfeit products, fines and criminal convictions
  3. Warning letters and letters of demand before legal action
  4. Court supervised product seizures for cases where administrative enforcement is not appropriate or available
  5. Customs seizures for the movement of counterfeit products across borders
  6. Civil court proceedings for other remedies such as damages.


Our investigation team gathers from the market the factual information about the infringement of your rights. This keeps you informed of market conditions and gives us the basis we need to take action against the infringers.

For matters in court, we have best advocates and ensure that your case is run in accordance with the solution-driven strategy that we have designed for you.


Our lawyers are conversant with the potential remedies for each dispute and can move easily from initiating a case to settlement. Reflecting our experience and commitment in this area of law, we have maintained significant affiliations with different arbitral institutions both locally and internationally.

Our Clients

Our clients come from different background and nationalities which we consider as strength in our practice to enable us to continually expand the breadth and depth of our services as well as our contacts worldwide.

We pride ourselves with having a portfolio of clients ranging from individual inventors and small businesses to multinationals from all sectors of business and technology including medical/pharmaceutical products, electronics, fast moving consumer goods, durable goods, media, banks and other financial services, high tech start-up companies, telecommunication services, computer services, and a host of other consumer related industries. We are also frequently retained by other IP firms seeking our unique expertise. Our reputation and prestigious repertoire of clients is a testimony to our success.