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  • The provisions of Law No. 4 of 1962 and its amendment of 1999 allows for the registration of patents in Kuwait.
  • The validity of a patent of invention is 20 years as of the date of filing the application.
  • The Kuwaiti Patent Office has not yet started the process of examining, publishing and granting of patents. All patents filed are in the stage of application.


  1. A Power of Attorney legalized up to the Kuwaiti Consulate.
  2. An extract of the entry of the applicant in the commercial register, or an official copy of the memorandum or articles of association, if the applicant is a company or a body corporate legalized up to the Kuwaiti Consulate.
  3. The title of the invention.
  4. A summary description of the invention.
  5. The number and date of the corresponding foreign patent.
  6. The name, address, nationality and occupation of the applicant(s) and inventor(s).
  7. Two copies of the specifications of the invention together with the Arabic translation.
  8. Two sets of the formal drawings bearing Arabic reference numerals.
  9. An assignment document from the inventor to the applicant legalized up to the Kuwaiti Consulate.